offers the best of stand-alone small and medium wind and solar technologies, connected or not to the grid, with or without energy storage.

ENERLICE develops and creates innovative and reliable hybrid solutions in partnership with the University of Bordeaux and offers tailor-made engineering in the decarbonization of structures in sectors as varied as telecommunications, energies, industry, agriculture and teaching.
19 April 2023


April 2023 : European AWACA project
22 January 2022

SANYA-R street light

January 2022 : SANYA-R urban lighting
21 May 2021

Schneider Electric Intencity

February 2021 : Schneider Electric Intencity

Why wind power?

Domestic or individual wind power, also called small-scale wind power, combines the advantages associated with renewable energy production while being the cheapest clean energy to produce. Its 98% recyclability rate makes it one of the most environmentally friendly renewable energies on the market. The expression refers to wind turbines with a power of less than 30 kilowatts, either autonomous or connected to the power grid. The price is quickly compensated for by the savings made.

The aim of small-scale wind power is to meet minimal needs by supplying electrical equipment on a lasting basis. Domestic wind turbines are mainly used in rural areas and are generally accompanied by solar panels. A mini wind turbine can guarantee the energy autonomy of a small home (caravan) or a sailing boat, or provide for half the electricity consumption of a house. A standard small wind turbine comprises two or three blades and provides electrical power ranging from 100 W to 30 kW.

Small urban wind turbines are built vertically and have been specially created for the urban environment. The power of a vertical-axis wind turbine can range up to 20 kW. In towns, the power of the wind is weakened but turbulent. The directions and speed of air flows vary rapidly, thus creating a particularly unstable environment. The greatest urban turbulence occurs at roof level, which can be explained by the deviation of the air flows, itself caused by the collision between the hot air on the south face of buildings and the cold air on their north face. Small wind turbines, and wind turbines in general, are a vehicle for communication which allows people to display their commitment to the values of sustainable development.

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