ENERLICE distributes and installs models up to 100kW. All models distributed by ENERLICE are designed for harsh environments, equipped with the best European technologies and meet strict criteria of robustness and manufacturing.


Because of their active technology, wind turbines with a power of 15 to 100 kw are considered as medium-wind projects. ENERLICE, through its experience and its network, carries out the entire turnkey project, from site selection, support for formalities, selection of machines, calculations of OPEX CAPEX, installation and maintenance of installations. To do this, the machines selected for this type of project are essentially European or North American for some. ENERLICE thus retains its independence of comparison vis-à-vis manufacturers.

The powers available for the wind turbines we offer are:

15Kw, 25Kw, 60Kw et 100 Kw

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